6" Oval Stop Turn Tail Light with Grommet (24 LEDs)
· 24 LED lights inside.
· 12v/24v input voltage available.
· Grommet surface mounting.
· Multiple colors are optional.
· 10000 hours of service life.
· 1 year warranty.
· Typically mounted on the side of a truck or trailer.
Truck LED tail lights are an essential safety feature that are required by law in most countries. These lights are located at the rear of the truck and provide illumination to indicate the truck's presence, direction of travel, and braking status.They provide improved visibility and more effecient energy consumption.
Besides, LED tail lights have longer lifespan than traditional halogen lights and can be customized in terms of color and brightness, allowing truck owners to create a unique look for their trucks. 
HY ENVIROTECH offers mulitple classic LED tail lights and assurance their performance, support customized design. 
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