Self-Service System
Self-Service System
The original intention of our website is providing our customers with wonderful and convenient interaction to help them get more valuable informations of our products and better operation of procurement. Here are SIX main functions that our system provides:

1. Open Price
We open prices of all items for our members within a certain period of time. Just click the "GET PRICE" button and you will get all important infos you want to know. Obtaining reference prices before customers make inquiries can improve the efficiency of our customers' decision-making.

2. Inquiry
We hope that customers can submit quotations only by simply clicking the mouse when they need and get quotation from us not only online, but also by email. Besides, we save inquiry records for our customers in this system, and provide convenient query and filtering functions to facilitate historical price comparisons for them and improve our price transparency.

3. Online Order
Our contracts are all generated in the system, so online orders will be consistent with offline contracts. Customers can check the payment situation and status of the order online and view historical orders in our system more conveniently. 

4. Shipping Plan
From shipping plan to transportation logistics, we are dedicated to provide a channel for our customers to track their cargos in real time.

5. Data Analysis
We believe data means value. The data analysis dashboard will record the transaction analysis results between each customer and us, and we will present it to each customer his/her own diagrams to get a full understanding of the procurement situation with our company.

6. Membership Benifits
One of our business philosophies is that customers who have longer and bigger business with us deserve better repay. We designed VIP levels for our members and offer them lower insurance rate, better payment term and more points as their levels increase.Here below are mainly benifits our members will get:

Improving customers' purchasing experience is one of our main goals. We will continue to improve more to bring customers better convenient purchasing functions.
More functions to find, log in and find "Self-Service System Instruction Book" in "Download" section: