Shipping Method
Shipping Method
We offer multiple methods of shipping and mainly THREE kinds:

1. Full Container Load ( Economy: ★  Timeliness:   Operational convenience★  Generality: )
FCL is the most economic way of shipping. However, regular container shipping involves many steps and the importer need an importing bond to handle customs clearance when container is near the destination port. Diagram below represents the whole process of container shipping. Many buyers are hesitant to start it since they have no experience in importing, nor do they have specialists to deal with this matter.
In this case, HY ENVIROTECH would love to offer help. We can not only handle almost all steps for customers with affordable prices but also be willing to provide guidance and resources, making sure the procedure won't be an obstacle.Meanwhile, we will give advice on cargos loading plan to take full advantage of the space and load capacity of a container.
Time Cost: 30-50 days
Weight Limit: 17-26 metric tons per shipment

2. Bulk Container Load ( Economy:   Timeliness: ★  Operational convenience: ★  Generality: )
Sometimes our customers do not need much cargos, which can't be put together into a full container. In this case, HY ENVIROTECH supports DDP bulk shipment.
DDP bulk freight includes all charges from our factory to customer's facility without any bother, all they need to do is waiting for the arrival of the cargos, which is the easiest shipping method for customers. However, compared to FCL, DDP bulk freight is determined by service zone and total gross weight of cargos, is relatively expensive.
Below is the map of DDP bulk freight service zone in US, and you could easily check the prices combined with DDP bulk freight form.
Time Cost: 20-40 days
Weight Limit: 0.2-17 metric tons per shipment

3. Package Air Shipment ( Economy:   Timeliness: 
  Operational convenience:   Generality: )
HY ENVIROTECH also provide package air shipping method in responding to urgent needs or sample services of some customers. Air shipment is not cheap, nor suitable for most of our products.
However, when customers need some high value & light weight products such as electronic valves, auto RV etc., package air shipment is a good choice.
In general, HY ENVIROTECH offer DAP or DDP trade term for air shipment with competitive prices.
Time Cost: 5-10 days
Weight Limit: < 60 kgs per package, <200 kgs per shipment
Measurement Limit:  One side < 270 cm, Length+(Width+Height)*2< 300 cm