More efficiency,less Bother: Our digital system is online

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Update time : 2023-01-05 11:02:43
    In order to enable customers to obtain a more convenient purchasing experience,we created a digital system integrated in the website.We're glad to introduce the main functions of the system for you as below:

1.Convenient and standardized inquiry
    When you find the item you need and want to get its price,all you need to do is to click the "INQUIRY" button and confirm QTY (you can write special requirements or questions in the note blank box) and then click "Join The Inquiry".

    Our staff will quote you soon after your inquiry and you can check the result in "Inquiry" section as below.You can input SKU or key words of item name in the search box and get the price record for one single item,Observing the trend and magnitude of price fluctuations and make sure the transparency of our quotation. 

    Our inquiry section covers freight inquiry as well.Customers can fill in "to door address" of your company or "basic port" near your states or provinces in "My Account Settings" and then these datas will be passed to "Freight Inquiry" section.Choose the carbinet type,freight term,and leave your remark if needed and then click the "SUBMIT" button.Our staff will reply your inquiry soon.This section offers search function as products inqury section does.

2.Online Contract
When we start business with our customers,we offer online contract for them to confirm and the system will generate final contract after their confirmation.Considering the formality and security for our customers,we send signed and sealed contract to them through email and they can check the details of their contracts online simultaneously.The online contracts are always in sync with the offline contracts.

Below is an example of contract details: 

3.Shipping Plan and Tracking
    Convenience and timely feedback are what we need to continuously optimize for our customers.Our customers can check shipping schedule of their cargos in "Shipping Plan" section.Each shipment presented in tabular form and has three status:
    Production —— Cargos are still in production and have not been loaded.
—— Cargos have been loaded and start its shipment.
    Arrived       —— Cargos has arrived destination and this shipment has been accomplished. 

    Our system offers shipments tracking as well,click the "View" and you will get a pop-up page in which infos of the shipment and tracking updates are presented.

4.Intelligent Data Analyze
    Data means value.Our system draws analysis charts based on customers' annual shipment data.Each customer can check his/her own charts by date filter tool.
    Our system draws three charts as below:
    A bar chart illustrates top 10 items ranked by shipped amount or quantity within a period of time selected by the customer.
    A pie chart illustrates composition of the shipped amount within a period of time selected by the customer.
    A histogram illustrates quantity of shipments each month & a line chart records shipped amount monthly within a whole year selected by the customer.

5.Membership System and Benifits
    While welcoming new customers, we will not forget the support from our current customers.We set up a membership system to give back to our customers.We believe the longer business with our customers,the better benifits we should offer to.
    Benifits of our membership are mainly composed of two sections: VIP benifits and points reward.
Our customers will get exp corresponded to shipped amount by each shipment and they can check thier VIP levels,as well as the remaining exp needed to level up as customer dashboard showed below."Total Shipped Amount" and "Total QTY of Shipments" record total shipped amounts and shipments since the account was created.

    We offer our membership free coupons,lower insurance rate and better payment term depending on VIP levels of customers.
The specific benefits and grades of VIP system are as below: 

    Furthermore,customers will get points by each shipment as well,which could be used in "Points Reward Mall"  to exchange gifts as below: 

6.Unique Product Library for Each Customer
    Need customized products?
Not a problem.We built a private products library for each customer to storage all items they purchased or would like to buy.We will add common items and their customized items into this section and customers can 
Initiate an inquiry in this section——"My Products".

    We will always keep our philosophy——integrity,quality,service and innovation in our mind and create values for our customers persistently with our good products and services.We cordially invite you to become our precious member!